Big Apologize & Temporary Shutdown

Hey guys, what’s up everyone? We really missed you all and we’re sorry about that non-posting time but we’ve got some problems & a busy life. And we’re sorry to say that we’ll announce that this is just a temp shutdown but NOT a lifetime one. You can still check other tips & cheats pages and have fun around the blog anytime you want. And you can also check from time to time for a music video by our authors. So we’re sad to see you go although it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks for your patience. (:

ourWorld Gem Codes ( 7th October – October 13th)

Hey guys, I apologize for the late post! So anyways here are the new codes!


October Monthly Gem Code: 3463-2927-472E-A7B4

Toolbar Gem Code: DB4C-C689-AA09-88DB

Facebook Gem Code: 9950-C8F2-F4F6-9909


You can only use the monthly code through October. You must have the toolbar visible for you to receive gems from the toolbar gem code. You also must be linked to Facebook to be eligible to use the Facebook gem code. Enjoy spending all your gems!

Gem Codes! (1st October- 8th October)

Since no one else seems to be posting on here i’m going to post >.>

Here are the Latest Gem Codes:

Sept. Monthly Gem Code: 8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (expires today?)
Toolbar Gem Code: A973-AEBB-FC98-F84C
Facebook Gem Code: D3A7-E378-1ECF-D49C

The October Monthly Code isn’t out yet but as soon as it is ill post it !

-Tiffany xo

Edit by Technologist: We’re sorry ourWorld-ers about not posting for that long, but ya’know school is hard, anyways, we’re going to do our best to keep you updated again, oh and happy Halloween! Good luck TOT’ing!

ourWorld Gem Codes (16th September – 23rd September)

 Monthly Gem Code: 8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C         

Facebook Gem Code:  EA4F-E97D-1FF5-3F47

Toolbar Gem Code: 25FC-B73B-FA6A-9D36


The monthly code can be used only once per month. Your account must be linked with a Facebook account for the Facebook code to work and you must have the toolbar visible in order for the toolbar code to work.

ourWorld Gem Codes (9th September – 15th September)

Enjoy your 30 free gems by posting these codes into your User Settings option!


Monthly Code