ourWorld Gem Codes ( 7th October – October 13th)

Hey guys, I apologize for the late post! So anyways here are the new codes!


October Monthly Gem Code: 3463-2927-472E-A7B4

Toolbar Gem Code: DB4C-C689-AA09-88DB

Facebook Gem Code: 9950-C8F2-F4F6-9909


You can only use the monthly code through October. You must have the toolbar visible for you to receive gems from the toolbar gem code. You also must be linked to Facebook to be eligible to use the Facebook gem code. Enjoy spending all your gems!

New Contest [ Join Now ! ]

New Fashion Contest [ Join Now !! ]


Hello our fans !. How are you guys ? I hope you are all well ^^.Welcome to our second contest ;).Where you can win a gift up to 100 gems.

The contest theme will be for Valentine’s Day or for the Winter items.

»» How To Enter:

  • Create your outfit at any of the awesome ourWorld islands! .
  • Take a picture of your outfit!

»» How To Send your outfit: ( there is only two ways to send your outfit)


  • The first way: Go to our Facebook page “owfor3arab” and send us a massage with your outfit pic.
  •  The second way: Upload your outfit on the wap and leave a comment below in this post ONLY.

»» Rules:

  • You must Write your ourWorld  name on the massage or on the comment.
  • There is only  one chance to every one.
  • Outfits made in Super Store ( SP) or Marketplace ( MP ) are not allowed !

»» Judging: ( There is only 3 guys)

  • Me – Dodo21
  • Technologist
  • Intel

»» Prizes: ( the best thing ^^)

  • 1st Place – Feb. 2013 Rose Thorn Set.
  • 2nd Place – Cupid’s Heart Mystery Box 2013.
  • 3rd Place – Feb. 2013 Rose Thorn Pants (Boys ),Feb. 2013 Rose thorn Dress (Girls).

The gifts  powered by owfor3arab.

»» Date:

  • Beginning on: The 5th of Feb 2013.
  • Deadline: The 15th of Feb 2013

Important note:The contest powered by owfor3arab.

Good Luck!