11 thoughts on “ourWorld→

  1. Please gift me (: any thing a box or Atlantis box or any thing off my wishlist (;
    Anywayz my ourworld name is : XxxRandomGirlxxX So GIFT ME! ;D Cya pple!
    If i meet you on Ourworld i might even gift you! :D bye pple

  2. My sis is Awkward Llama x3 and she is the mest girlyy ever !! <3 She seserves a gift … Thankyouu so much!! :)

    I only just started playing Ourworld but she has played it since agees ago, and so I am a noob atm.. But add both of uss if you want I am Awkward Llama
    and she is Awkward Llama x3

    Thank you!!

  3. please gift me… I started playing in july 27th and would you consider lvl 30 a noob?
    On OW my name is Nioi
    feel free to gift me nya ;3

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