How to send in a Help Ticket

First, hover with your mouse over “Account Settings” button at the upper right of ourWorld. Then click “Help“.

Second, click “Go” at Help Page part of the popped-up window.

Then, click on “Request Support” tab at the Help page that just popped-up of your browser. And then click on the title that says “Request Help” beside the question mark picture.

Then, choose a title/”Topic” for your ticket of the drop-list. And then type the message of your ticket/thing you want to ask about or need help with.

Then, just click with your mouse at any part of the white empty space of the page on the right. And then click “Finish >>” button to send the ticket.

You can attach a file if your ticket is about something that needs a proof!

And then don’t forget to keep checking your sent ticket daily for the admins’ help. By doing the same first two steps and then click on your topic number on the left under “My Recent Requests“.

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