Fright Mystery Box 2012

The box is coming out on 17th of Sept, 2012!

And disappearing out of stores on the 11 of Nov.

-Sneak Peek Outfit by an admin-

Fright 2012 Box

Outfit 1

Bad Bat Items

Outfit 2

Nightmare Hunter Items

Outfit 3

Checker Pumpkin Items

Outfit 4

Crooked Smile Items

Outfit 5

Death’s Messenger Items

Outfit 6

Pumpkin Patch Items

Outfit 7

Royal Skull Items

Outfit 8

Widow Web Items

Outfit 9

Asylum Patient Items

Horns [For both genders]


Fat Bat In Your Hand




Items & outfits are complete!

26 thoughts on “Fright Mystery Box 2012

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