ourWorld Halloween 2011 Items!

So this will be the whole items post! ;) Just be sure to check it daily.. And maybe you will see a new outfit/items. ;)

Note : Green for Boys, Pink for girls.

October Monthly Items!

October 2011 Monthly Items Set:

October 2011 Midnight Demon Mask:

October 2011 Midnight Demon Scythe:

October 2011 Midnight Demon Skull Scarf:

October 2011 Costumes!

Policeman/woman Costume:

Convict Costume:

Dusk Lord/Lady Costume:

Bad Doctor Costume:

Classy Ghost Costume:

Skull Rock Costume:

Boneyard Costume:

Moon Man & Moon Woman Costume:

Patch Work Costume:

Pumpkin Wiz Costume:

(Click any picture above to see the full size)

The Fright Mystery Box 2011 Items!

Which outfit do you like? Tell us in comments with your favorite costume!

~Darkness Frozen

Happy Halloween Everyone. ;]

12 thoughts on “ourWorld Halloween 2011 Items!

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