Cheats List

Flow Cheat


-type in your chat bar “test-mode 42” and press Enter

then type “cryptobiologist” and press Enter

now you got some flows from doing nothing ^^

you will get 1-70 flows if u did it everyday.


Noob Gifting


To n00b gift, you must meet these conditions:

  • Accounts that have purchased or earned 15 or more Gems from a single transaction/offer.


  • Accounts that have reached level 25.


Secret Missions


*How to get the secret blue cow decal!*

1. View your friend’s list and search for derrick.
2. Go to derrick’s Condo. Click on him. He’ll say:

3. Now let’s visit Wonderland.
4. Ring the bell. Blue should come running, wow!

5. Go back to Derrick’s Condo.
6. He’ll give you the Decal for finding him. Aw, how sweet :)


*How to get the Secret Laser Gun!*

1. click on your throw items.

2. Buy some balloons for 5 gems.

(if you don’t have 5 gems then wait for a new gem code)

3. Now, throw it at Doug Bot and watch him malfunction!

4. Search your friend’s list for Otto.

5. Let’s take a visit to his condo.  Otto should be there.

6. Otto give us a motherboard, omg!  O.O

7. Wow!  This should be able to fix doug bot.

8. You get the secret item now.  Now shoot dougbot!!! >:)


*Secret Throwable: Cupid’s Bow!*

1. Go to your friend’s list and search:

2. Go to his condo.

3. Buy Love Potion for 5 gems.

4. Throw the potion at Edwin and he’ll say:

5. Now go to Collette’s Condo.

6. Give Collette the letter.  Watch the drama unfold, lol:

7. Go back to Edwin’s Condo.

8. Give Edwin the heartbreaking letter.

9. He’ll reply with an emo response and give you Cupid’s Bow!

Moral of the story: Edwin is obsessive and perhaps suicidal o_o

If you look closely, you’ll see Edwin written under the letters RIP
Found in Nevermore!!!!  Edwin must be a zombeh o_o.

~Darkness Frozen

160 thoughts on “Cheats List

  1. this webistie is the *BOMB* just tew let u knoee lol…itz really awsome tew me…u can find me on ourworld…my name is amberlinn :)

  2. Thank you for all of the work and time you have put into this site. I have been an avid World of Warcraft player since the beta, and have found an addon that I now swear by. Not only does this add-on direct you from level 1 all the way to level 85 in the fastest possible route, it includes a talent advisor and in game waypoint arrow that will direct you exactly where you need to go to complete quests and locate rare drops.
    I strongly suggest this to all serious WoW fans.
    Get It Here

  3. WOW!!! this syt is sooo dang helpful….thnx DarkFrozen…u rock…XD
    BTW* my User Name on OW is : SusyMabootsy…add me… =P….

  4. Hey,
    Thanks 4 making this website! Its really cool even thought I did all the stuff 8-) If u want to add me on ow tell me that ur from this website.. My name is xAmyLuvzCandyx Soon going to be…. AmyLuvzJosh o.O Again…… THANK U

  5. All I see on your site is the same copying as you have said on my blog :/ There’s no difference. It seems that most bloggers copy from ||||||No blogs URLs|||||. How very disappointing.

  6. Kewl hey the person tht owns ourworld can i ask u something…OK! :D ummmm the gems we have on downworld can we send them to ourworld plzzz plzzz plzzz i have 76 gems plz reply if u say ok or maybe :D plz plz plz!!!

    • AND he need to go talk to someone about that suicidal issue!


      Oh ppl friend me if ya want i don’t care just tell me why you’re befriending me!

  7. Can u put up codes for halloween and september :DDD cant wayt foor Ourworld its like ourworld goes SpOOkey lol xD ma name on ourworld is Mrs Aishaz add meii
    im gna change ma name into sumthin relly kwl i aint gna tell u so u cant steal it XP lol ask meh on ma account PEACE OUT SUCKERZ XD

  8. i know some of the cheats for free u can do it as many times u want but each time u will only get 2 gems add me and i will tell u how . ok see first go to gems for free and then click it i mean click gems for free on the side of it there will be writen check this out under that there will be 2 boxes click the lower one and there will be a video it will say watch this for 2 gems and after u watch it click continue and ya do this as many times as possible it really works leave a comment on me plz

  9. guyz iam giving out my account i wondering if anyone wants it just add me firt and then i will tell u the account my name in ourworld is Princess Kitty i promise to giveu my account and the level iz 73 send me a messge on urworld my name iz Princess Kitty bye

  10. actually u have to be fast to get the account i will also add a video on youtube if u (only in case) do not understand me bye all of ya

  11. I officially love this site…it has helped me so much…but I have a question,…what happens to regular people when you “throw something” at them….because i’ve been wanting to try it, but haven’t because id on’t know what will happen.

  12. im going to seem really stupid but, after you get the items, where the hell do they go? i cant find them anywhere…

  13. i found a new cheat! just go to the pool,click on the diving board,and right when you land in the water click on the diving board again.youll be able to jusmp in anywere! :P cool cheat

  14. Wats The Newest Code Im Talkin Monthly Code I Need It Please Somone Tell Me I Mean Today Pleaaseee Tell Me I Need Somthing A Anti Logo Chain And Some Stuff In My Wishlist Please Look Me Up If You Can Me BBmoney212121

  15. i know a cheat his is if ur not a resident and need gems first go too ur offers do all the the small 1s like the 1 gems through 10 gems watch the vids wen ur finished log out then log in go too offers the small offers should be refreshed just keep doing this it works for me

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