Halloween Pixipets: Audrey The Autumn Owl – Animation –

Halloween Pixipets: Audrey The Autumn Owl

 Animation/Movement –

Don’t forget to see the video on HD mode ,see the picture below to know how.


ourWorld Updates – 15th of October! – Preview pictures added!

Spooky Pets! [Halloween 2012 Sprites]

With Holmes the Hound of Darkness or Shane the Shadow Crow by your side, you’re ready to spook!  Limited time in Enchantments.

Witchy Vehicles! [Halloween 2012 Vehicles]

Witches need rides too!  Travel in wicked style on a new Broom or Magic Cauldron from Otto Parts.

Nightmare Aura [Halloween 2012 Sprites]

Let your inner demons out with this truly terrifying Nightmare Aura.  Super Flow boost and super limited.

Name Icons

Stand out from the crowd with these all-new, ultra-cool Name Icons that highlight your unique personality.

Notes: Name Icons are a new unique way to show off with new icons beside your name instead of the residents’ triangle or Zoe’s Clubs’ star. Each icon/symbol will cost 20 gems. The normal members can only get the white/grey icons, while Zoe’s Club members can get the colored ones (the same icons.) If your Zoe’s Club Residency expired, your icon will disappear and if you wanted to get it back after a new residency, you will have to buy it again for 20 gems.

Another Update Note: Cammie at Beat Street is going to have a ToT basket like the other NPCs!

– Technologist

ourWorld Halloween 2012 – Sprites!

Holmes The Hound of Darkness

Shane The Shadow Crow

Nightmare Aura

Note: All the pets have an awesome animation!

– Technologist

ourWorld Halloween 2012 – Event Items Prices!

Click the picture for the full size!

Coming with 1st of October updates!

– Technologist

ourWorld Halloween 2012 – Vehicles!

We’re also getting two awesome scary looking vehicles this year’s Halloween!

Witches Broom/Hoverboard

Magic Cauldron/Car

Note: Both vehicles are animated when you wear them!

– Technologist