ourWorld Halloween 2012 – Trick or Treating!

Note: Check the full completed list of Halloween 2012 Event Items!


Here is the awesome items we will be able to get of trick or treating through baskets all over ourWorld islands in Halloween!


For both

Pumpkin On Your Head, Dusk Lord/Lady Cape, Fright boxes 2009-2012

– Technologist

Fright Mystery Box 2011 Items! + Resident Item

Fright box 2011 

– – –

Danny The Dancing Skeleton<<<———>>>
Baxter The Black Cat

Resident Item
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Cursed Altar <



Halloween 2011 Costumes Prices + Islands!

Okay, so here is the outfits prices so be sure to save your gems the update is today! ;]

Short Shutdown now!

ourWorld Halloween 2011 Islands

The Boardwalk

The Pier


Electric Avenue



Beat Street


Note: We are just waiting for ourWorld to complete developing the Fright Mystery Box 2011 items so we will post it right away!

~Darkness Frozen

Update !!

Update !!

Note: click on the red text to know more

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Halloween Outfits

Halloween Video Contest

Ahh it’s time for another Video Contest. 
Have you planned out your story already?  

Obsidian Dungeon

October 2011 Monthly Items

October 2011 Monthly Resident Item 

Do you dare to touch the Cursed Altar?

Residents Day!

September 17 is the Residents Day for first time in ourWorld’s history.
You must be a resident to get this awesome mystery box.

Also,, You can see the update with a swf file :P ” Here “