New Contest [ Join Now ! ]

New Fashion Contest [ Join Now !! ]


Hello our fans !. How are you guys ? I hope you are all well ^^.Welcome to our second contest ;).Where you can win a gift up to 100 gems.

The contest theme will be for Valentine’s Day or for the Winter items.

»» How To Enter:

  • Create your outfit at any of the awesome ourWorld islands! .
  • Take a picture of your outfit!

»» How To Send your outfit: ( there is only two ways to send your outfit)


  • The first way: Go to our Facebook page “owfor3arab” and send us a massage with your outfit pic.
  •  The second way: Upload your outfit on the wap and leave a comment below in this post ONLY.

»» Rules:

  • You must Write your ourWorld  name on the massage or on the comment.
  • There is only  one chance to every one.
  • Outfits made in Super Store ( SP) or Marketplace ( MP ) are not allowed !

»» Judging: ( There is only 3 guys)

  • Me – Dodo21
  • Technologist
  • Intel

»» Prizes: ( the best thing ^^)

  • 1st Place – Feb. 2013 Rose Thorn Set.
  • 2nd Place – Cupid’s Heart Mystery Box 2013.
  • 3rd Place – Feb. 2013 Rose Thorn Pants (Boys ),Feb. 2013 Rose thorn Dress (Girls).

The gifts  powered by owfor3arab.

»» Date:

  • Beginning on: The 5th of Feb 2013.
  • Deadline: The 15th of Feb 2013

Important note:The contest powered by owfor3arab.

Good Luck!


4 thoughts on “New Contest [ Join Now ! ]

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