Fan of The GimmerGirlz? ~ GlimmerGirlz Update!

Heey guys c; Its Criminal from the GlimmerGirlz :3

We are planing on making an Christmas Special Ourworld Music Video but not sure what song to do :/ Any ideas, please let us know in the comments section below and you might even get to be in the music video!

Another thing~ Soon we are creating a Crew on Ourworld, just for us and our fans! (Glitters) We will let you know when we have created it and we will let all you Glitters join :)

Also >.<  We are currently working on quite a few Movies/Music Videos at the moment so you will see another video from us very soon i promise!

And lastly i would like to say a very special Thank You from us the GlimmerGirlz to all our loyal fans :) We are so lucky to have amazing fans like all of you! So thank you for all your support and we will keep on making heaps of videos in 2013 :)
Happy Holidays!
~GlimmerGirlz <3
(Criminal and Con Artist)

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