ourWorld Updates – 20th of December, 2012

Note: These updates are Thursday not Monday as usual.

ourWorld on iPad! [Download the App for iPad!]

Enjoy all the fun, fashion, and friendships of ourWorld on the go with your iPad!

ourWorld iPad

Grab Gems at 7-11

With PayNearMe get Gems by simply heading over to 7-11 and paying cash.  Get your voucher in the “More” tab of Gem Central.



Only at level 120 can you tame a wild beast and make it your sweet ride.  Capture one in Otto Parts.

Dragon Vehicles

Dragon Symbol

Dragon Vehicles Prices

More New Winter Clothing [Prices List #1 #2]

We just couldn’t stop making warm, festive winter clothing, so there’s even more now to celebrate the season . . . while it lasts!

Event Items

More Executive Furniture [Items]

Volla’s still working hard at the office instead of hitting the surf, for some more serious style.

Executive Furniture

New Year ’13 Star Jacket & Firework

Star light, star bright, first outfit you wear tonight – for the happiest New Year!

New Years Items

New Year ’13 Star Aura & Halo

Be the star of your new year’s party and all through the year in this Flow-boosting Star Aura and Halo.  Limited time in Enchantments!

New Years Items2

Jan. ’13 Starstruck Set [Items]

Blaze your way into the new year like a brilliant shooting star in this star-studded outfit. Only in January.

Starstruck January 2013 Monthly Items

Jan. ’13 Glimmering Starfield [Item]

Surround yourself with glowing stars in your Condo with this magical theme. Residents only.

January 2013 Residents item

– Technologist

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