ourWorld Updates – 1st of October!

Note: Click each picture to view the high quality & animated one. And the titles for the main post.

 Oct. ’12 Nightmare Miasma

Be a living nightmare wearing this freaky scythe, horned hood, jacket, and scarf set.  Only in October!

Oct. ’12 Halloween Throne (Residents Item)

Made of spiders, pumpkins, bats, and bones, then sprinkled with candy for good measure, this Residents-only Condo item will make you the King or Queen of Halloween!

Halloween Costumes

‘Tis the season to terrify!  Scare the wits out of someone with a new costume!  But the scariest part is how soon they’ll be gone.

Trick or Treat!

Tasty treats and rare wicked items await!  Get your Basket today on the Boardwalk.

Halloween 2012 Basket Price

Halloween Furniture

Edwin’s been slaving away in his crypt to create truly scary and delightful new furniture!  He invites you to take a look.

– Technologist

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