The Update is Available

The Update is Available 

Fresh Summer Fruit! (all Summer 2012 Items here!)

The best news is The coin box is out on the shops . You can buy it with 45 Gems  !! Cool

Also,all of ourWorld players are have Anniversary Box with some cool items “ Click here to see the item” .But the bad news is you can’t open it after you be a resident :(.

Zoe’s Auctions!

For her Club members only, Zoe has put the MOST wished-for, ultra rare items up for auction.  See what’s for sale and try your bid.More info on the pictures below:

That’s all for now More news will coming Soon.. Do not forget to use the May monthly code ” here


2 thoughts on “The Update is Available

    • No, those posted summer items (The fruit sets) has been already released at 14th of May. There would be more summer items coming with the next update (28th of May) (Swim suits & more sets) & maybe with Battle Station too though.

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