ourWorld Updates – 14th May, 2012!

The new upcoming updates on 14th of May!

Zoe’s Auctions!

For her Club members only, Zoe has put the MOST wished-for, ultra rare items up for auction.  See what’s for sale and try your bid.

Fresh Summer Fruit! (Summer 2012 Items here!)

Summer’s here so we brought out the picnic-wear!  These clothes are oh so juicy and delightful to wear.

New Tattoos!

Show a little skin this summer with belly, lower-back and chest tattoos.  But, you can only be this daring while summer is here.

The old/summer 2009 stomach tattoos are back! Wait for the updates & go buy them if you can!

Stomach & Chest Tattoos Prices

New Resident Gift (already out)

We welcome new Residents with open arms, and give them a special gift to show ourWorld love!

-Click the title for items-

Battle Station is coming!

Battle Station in Beat Street is coming! Click the title for the place view/look.


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