Upcoming Updates!

Frost Mystery Box 2011

Some of Holiday Stocking Items!

Zoe’s has delightful holiday Stockings on the Boardwalk that magically fill with presents as you carry them around to her friends.

Halloween 2011 Video Contest Results

Results are in! See what spooktacularly scary Halloween videos won loads of Gems!

Christmas 2011 Hairs

The weather’s cold but your hair can be oh so hot! Let it all hang out with these loooong or sleek styles. They’re brand new but won’t last long.

Winter 2011 Backdrops

ourWorld has become a sparkling winter wonderland, and not just in Wonderland. Go exploring!

December 2011 Monthly Items (Frosted Glass Set)

Glow with the beautiful colors of a stained glass window. Only available in December.

December 2011 Residents Item (Snowy Castle Bed)

New Games


So many Critters, so little time! Hatch them all with just one click with this nifty new power up.

downWorld Crew Battles

downWorld Marketplace at the “Shopping”

downWorld Forums

See the flash versions of the pictures up there at the other site page. Click here.


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