Treasure Digging!

So it’s more information about the Treasure Hunting! ;]

So when you get the Magic Shovel for the 51 gems you dig on EVERY room on ourWorld EVERY day and you get like 40 flow & 400 coins.. So that’s awesome. ;]

But sometimes you get a bunny in the hole or a bone so just try again.. Here is a picture:

Note: This is with 8th August Update.

~Darkness Frozen

7 thoughts on “Treasure Digging!

  1. I think its a waste of gems.Because when you dig you barley find stuff.I kept digging everywhere but I only found 1 thing after I bought it.I dug everywhere and found nothing,Just that 1 thing it was just flow. Add me btw

  2. Forgot to add when you add me I can give you codes, gifts, and more like hints. I can also answer questions!

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